Geschichte des Fanclub

1996 - 2005

Warner Brothers Movie Wold. Wewere already interested that time in rides, when the manufacturer Intamin AG actedits rides under the name 'Never ending story'. At that time we already enjoyed every our visits at 'Speed Rapid River' - early in the morning, late in the evening and between the times.


Renaming the Warner Brothers Movie World in Movie Park Germany by changing owners. Unfortunately had the theme of our "Neverending Story" be changed due to the license loss. The popularity of the Rivers took but with us no harm.


The idea of founding anofficial MRFC was born and we put  itinto action.  First, the club constisted only of family members.But during one season we succeded new membersfrom friends. At this point we would like to explain the history of the Club boat.

„Of course, we need a club boat“ - this was clear.

Three years long we startet the season with boat No. 18 – by chance. So, we did not think twice. We  wanted to get boat No. 18. Well, this is not very spectacular – but it is our history of boat No. 18. 


Mean while we were able tome morize the spell of the dragon from „Never Ending Story“:„USE YOUR IMAGINATION!“It was our motto and this was printed on our first fanclub t-shirts. 



After three years ourt-shirts we had to re-new our t-shirts. With the start of a new season the new shirts were ready to 



In the year 2014 onceagain we wanted a new t-shirt design. The colour we desided for was grey (because of the sun). Unfortunatelly, there were problems with printing, so we stillhad to wear our old black t-shirts.

But also in 2014 we got new members. 



Starting the season!! The new t-thirts are printed. The boat No. 18 is shows on our new thirts. This season there should be the surprise of the millennium. We, the members of MRFC were allowed tocatch a discarded boat. Unfortunately not No. 18– but No. 15, never mind,  had to be ourboat. This is renovated by us with plenty of love. And No. 15 is replaced byNo. 18. At this point we would like to thank all participants and helpers and last but not least the Parkteam. Because a dream came truefor us. 

( Text Martina and Moppy)