Our Boat 

Already in 1996 we dreamed about to have apart of the waterride in our garden. After our Club boat No. 18 in mid-season had been taken out of the water, we were very sad.We wanted to get it. In the season 2015 adream came true for us. A Mystery River boat was handed over to us.

The boat had been used for about 20 years in Movie Park. It drove in earlier times cross the „Never ending stories“ and today trough the „Mystery River“. Dozend of times down. At that time of passing „Fuchur“ and around  „Ivory Tower“. Today passing dwarfs and other mythical creatures. True to the theme: „Please use your imagination!“.

Many people were getting wet in this boat andthey had fun. Just the imagination – How many people had been driven with this boat before an how many people today still have Onridephotographies on the wall, in the drawer at home – it gives the boat it´sspecial flair.

When „Rolly“ received the message from Movie Park Germany, a big part of our uns was in Czech Republic on holidays. They had to be informed immediatelly! We took a phone bill of 30 Euro more easily inpurchase for this news.

Betty, Moppy, Wischi und Micha were standingin a people line to get a chairlift up to the mountain „Sněžka“. When the information came over, everyone cheered so loud that the operation stopped for a shored time.

Quickly we knew, in which garden we have toplace this boat. A crane truck was ordered for the transport. Two days before starting,the transport company received a large order. So we had to chance our plan.Company Schwind from Ahaus was very kind and provided us with a suitable vehicle. However, still missing was a crane for loading this boat.

Even after many thoughts an rides in Mystery River we had no idea. The solution came by chance: On our way back we passed the meadow parking place of Movie Park. Our solution: A tractor with frontloader!! Immediately we stopped our car by stuntexcessive breaking and we secured the phone number!! The riderfarm Dieckmann was busy in times ofharvest. But they said YES, anyway. A „wolffish“ dropped from our hearts. 

21 of August  2015 was our day to start the action. A few of MRFC met in Movie Park.   Everyone could not find sleep the last two nights – the joy was as big.!! And everyone looked like it. Everyone was so nervous and rand like a dwarf around the Mystery River.

The transport we have recorded in our video:

As everyone could see: The ravages of time and lime on the boat showed us the necessary of renovation. But how? The manufacurer Infantim AG and Movie Park Germany gave us some useful advices. We gladly accepted it and successfully we translated it in our boat -  as you can see in this video:

Now the boat services like a cozy sittinyarea. Among others, the meetings after visiting Movie Park are around the boat– beginning from next season. The boat will be inaugurated next season. Dueto our 10. anniversary.


Why boat No. 15 and not No. 18?

Why boat Nr. 15? No. 18 is actually our Clubboat! The boat 18 remains to the Movie Park and serves like a spare parts store. Thus, the boat No. 18 represents in each other boat. MRFC has decided, that the brother of 18 may represent for us. As it is shown in the film an on the photography:

 (Text: Martina, Moppy and Rolly)